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- Lawrence Hurley
Supreme Court weighs web designer's refusal to work on same-sex weddings

The Supreme Court hears a clash between religious conservatives and LGBTQ rights in a conservative Christian web designer's bid to avoid same-sex weddings. [...]

- Mithil Aggarwal and Artem Grudinin
Blasts at military airbases deep inside Russia were Ukrainian drone attacks, Moscow says

Explosions hit the Engels airbase near Saratov and an airfield near Ryazan deep inside Russia on Monday after a Ukrainian drone attack, Moscow said. [...]

- Sarah Fitzpatrick and Kit Ramgopal and Kevin Collier and Abigail Williams
Hackers linked to Chinese government stole millions in Covid benefits, Secret Service says

Theft of Covid benefits by Chinese hackers called APT41 is the first pandemic fraud by foreign, state-sponsored hackers that the U.S. has acknowledged publicly. [...]