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- Denise Chow
There's still no evidence of a Chinese lab leak. But here’s what's changed, scientists say.

President Biden and some scientists are demanding an investigation into the lab leak theory, a hypothesis that the origin of coronavirus was a virology lab in Wuhan, China. [...]

- Shannon Pettypiece
What Biden said he got out of the Putin summit, and other key takeaways

Biden said he'd made it clear to Putin that even as the U.S. seeks areas of common ground, it is prepared to act against Russia if warranted. [...]

- Janis Mackey Frayer
Shunned from ISS, China sends astronauts to build space station on first trip in years

“We have invested so much energy,” said Rong Yi, the rocket’s chief designer. “But I am thrilled to see it fulfill its duty within 10 minutes.” [...]